2012 Assessment Institute Handouts

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The following 2012 Assessment Institute presenters chose to share their handouts electronically on the Planning and Institional Improvement website. Handouts will be available for view until 10/1/13. Please do not link to this site.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Session Title
Assessment Clear and Simple:  Practical Steps for Institutions, Departments, and General Education Barbara E. Walvoord, University of Notre Dame
Pivot Table Basics for Assessment Professionals Steven S. Graunke, IUPUI
Critical Testing and Measurement Concepts for Higher Education Assessment Professionals Jessica L. Jonson, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Don’t Fail to Plan: Developing and Assessing a Student Affairs Strategic Plan Robert W. Aaron, IUPUI; and A. Katherine Busby, Tulane University
Outcomes Assessment Nuts and Bolts Ephraim I. Schechter, HigherEdAssessment.com


Monday, October 29, 2012

Session Title
Applying the Learning Paradigm to Faculty Development in Assessment Amy Driscoll, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
Applying Student Development Principles to Your Assessment Plan Randy L. Swing, Association for Institutional Research
Capstones: Creation, Cultivation, and Assessment Douglas J. Eder (Emeritus), Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Data Management for Assessment Beena George, University of St. Thomas
Doing Assessment as if Learning Matters Most: Engaging Faculty and Students with Simple, Practical, Powerful Techniques Thomas A. Angelo, La Trobe University, Australia
A Case Study in Assessment of Business Students’ Professional Communication Skills Ibrahim Mescioglu, George Klemic, Marvin Bates, Ian Gladding, and William Marker, Lewis University
E-Portfolios for General Education and Beyond: The Development Process Maureen Snow Andrade, Utah Valley University
Efficient Feedback for Effective Learning: How Less Can Be More Thomas A. Angelo, La Trobe University, Australia

Leading Assessment-Based Change--Strategies for Faculty Buy-In and Development

Maureen Snow Andrade, Utah Valley University


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Track# Session Title Presenter(s)
09A** Assessing Student Learning at the Graduate Level: Four Core Areas through a Common Activity – A Pilot Study Datta Kaur Khalsa, Yan Zhang Cooksey, and Kathryn Klose, University of Maryland University College
09B* Moving from National to Regional Accreditation: Implications for Assessment Processes Errin K. Heyman, West Coast University
09B** The Meaning of Learning Outcomes – Depending on What You Do and Where You Stand Tine S. Proitz, Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research, and Education
09D First Steps in the Development of Marshall University’s Degree Profile Mary E. Reynolds, Gayle L. Ormiston, and Karen L. McComas, Marshall University
09G* Utilizing Step-By-Step Strategic Planning to Close the Co-Curricular Assessment Loop Shawna L. Lafreniere, Azusa Pacific University
09O We’re Doing It, and You Can, Too!  Assessing College-Wide Student Learning Outcomes at a Community College Erin B. Daly and Julie Guelich, Normandale Community College
10F Crafting a Common Lens: One Master’s Program’s Approach to Assessment Rubric Design Paula D. Serra and Jennifer Cochran, Morehead State University
10O Assessing Assessment: Taking Stock On Your Own Campus Peter T. Ewell, National Center for Higher Education Management Systems
10P Identifying Key Performance Indicators: The Foundation of an Institutional Dashboard Jeffrey A. Seybert, Johnson County (KS) Community College
10R One Plan Fits All: Tailoring the Academic Assessment Plan Design Terry A. Senne, Gay James, and Mary Williford-Shade, Texas Woman's University
11C What is Success? Linda A. Suskie, Freelance Consultant
11D Critical Thinking, Reading, and Quantitative Literacy:  A Three-Part Assessment Robin Anderson, Michael McClure, and Joyce Ray, Southwestern Illinois College
11J** Program Development and Outcomes of a Peer Observation and Evaluation Process at a School of Pharmacy Margarita DiVall, Judith Barr, Michael Gonyeau, and Samuel Matthews, Northeastern University School of Pharmacy
11L Using Holistic Scoring Rubrics to Assess General Education Learning Outcomes Jeffrey A. Seybert, Johnson County (KS) Community College